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#1 Metrix OX803B 40 mHz Oscilloscope

In excellent, unmarked condition - fully tested and working up to 40 mHz.

The OX 803B analogue oscilloscope offers high-quality plotting and contrast. This is particularly true in light of its alternate trigger capability which enables stable display in all circumstances. The OX 803B is an ideal basic instrument.

Wide input dynamic range: 1 mV/div. and up to 20 V/div.
Surface-mount technology and software switching: modern and reliable
Microprocessor control for maximum simplicity
Autoset on all models
Excellent tracing quality and specific contrast filter
Optional RS 232 interface and associated software for remote control by PC
Multiple mains supply (94 to 264 V and 48 to 440 Hz)

#2 Texio CS4125A 20 mHz Oscilloscope

In excellent condition - fully tested and working up to 20 mHz.

High reliability with Kenwood Original Hibrid ICs
High-intensity CRT (12 kV) (with scale illumination)
Dynamic range with a headroom for accurate waveform display without distortion
High sensitivity of 1 mV/div (DC to 5 MHz)
Maximum sweep rate of 20 ns/div (x10 MAG)
FIX sync
One-touch TV sync
Convenient VERT mode
One-touch ALT/CHOP switching
X-Y Mode
Vertical axis signal output connector

Waveforms can be observed by applying intensity modulation. Added or subtracted waveforms can be observed.
The trace inclination can be corrected with the front panel operation. Relay-type attenuators with long life and excellent operability are used.

Comes with user manual, leads and power cables.

#3 Vintage - Telequipment D61a 10 mHz Oscilloscope

In very good, unmarked condition - fully tested and working up to 10 mHz.

Telequipment D61A Oscilloscope;
Two channels, single beam CRT made by GEC.
8×10 cm display area, trace rotation done by crt rotation,
10 MHz bandwidth,
input impendance 1 MOhm/35 pF.
Accelerating tension 3.5 kV.
Internal squarewave calibrator 500 mV ±2 % at mains frequency.

Flexibile triggering circuit with 21 time/div positions plus ×5 multiplcation switch.

Comes with user manual, test leads and power cables.

Weight ca 7,5 kg. dimensions 40 cm x 27 x 16 cm.

Close up photos of all scopes working on real signals available.
Offers please but I am preferably looking for RADIO equipment in exchange.
NO VALVE equipment thankyou!

Pris: See advert 350-1150 SEK

Säljes: Oscilloscopes, oscilloscopes and more oscilloscopes .....'>

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